Day 5 – A beautiful day before the storm

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Today, we came back after resting over the weekend, and continued work, this time with a much smaller group.  The group from Israel College of the Bible continued into their second week of work at the site, joined by a group from the Jewish National Fund and several students from Jerusalem University College.   We managed to do a lot, particularly in defining the inner wall and outer wall, and what may be the connecting wall between the two (forming a casemate), and in K7, where the removal of much of the stone rubble led us to reach a surface of the Iron Age II.  Here are some pictures, in hope that tomorrow’s rain will not shut us down.

Christina enjoying getting past the rock collapse
Tamar taking pride in her clean stones
The ICB group posing in their square with their fearless leader Sheila
A nice view of the 10 meters of the outer wall



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