Day 2, Spring Season 2011 – The Costume Party

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Today was our second day of the dig, and we once again worked with both the group from IBEX, and the group from Beit Guvrin.  Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye at the end of the day to our friends from Beit Guvrin, as this was their last day, but we were thankful to work with them, and believe that some good friendships were formed between Israeli and American young people, from different backgrounds, that had the opportunity to meet and interact at Tel Burna.

Finds were also popping up today.  On the summit we continued with work in the Iron Age levels, revealing some nice pottery for restoration, and more and more architecture.

And of course Sifting

But our big finds today came from Area B, where we retrieved our first complete vessel – a small stone bowl:

Stone Vessel From Area B

and the nose and eyes of a ceramic mask!!!!!!

Hope the finds keep coming tomorrow.


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