Day 1, Spring Season 2011

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Today we were out for our first day of actual digging, and it was quite exciting! To quote Itzick, there haven’t been so many people on Tel Burna since the Iron Age.  With the group from Ibex, the group from Beth Guvrin, staff and random volunteers, we were around 75 people on the tel!  We managed to do lots of cleaning, including removing plenty of weeds, and cleaning up the old squares.  9 new squares were open, and while most squares are still working through the topsoil, some walls have begun to appear, and plenty of pottery has been collected.

Not totally unexpected – in our easternmost square we discovered the continuation of the Iron Age lower fortification wall.  Here are some pics from day 1.

enjoying opening a new square
In front of the new segment of the wall
The Beit Guvrin Boys at work
Ground breaking in Area B
Sifting from the start

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    Notes From the Field | said:
    April 4, 2011 at 10:41 am

    […] summed up on Tel Burna’s blog by the co-director of the site, Joe Uziel, they can be viewed here and […]

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