Last weekend in Cyprus

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Last weekend, three of the core staff of Tel Burna participated in the Albright Institute trip to Cyprus, where we spent five fun-filled days visiting many archaeological sites on the island.  While not directly related to Tel Burna (although see below), the archaeological orientation of the trip seems like it would be of interest to many of you.

We visited sites from the Neolithic (Tenta, Khirokitia) through to the Roman and Byzantine Periods (Salamis, Kourion).  The Neolithic settlements are particularly impressive, as they display collective building projects like gateways and town walls, alongside small and crowded housing.  The museums are also quite amazing, showing that although many Cypriot items reach the southern Levant, this is only the tip of the iceberg of the wealth and variety of the island’s material culture.

So how does this relate to Burna? Well – it doesn’t really, although sites like Enkomi (A Late Bronze Age Port city) and Kition (A Late Bronze Age and Phoenician Port city) most likely shipped Cypriot materials – including copper, pottery vessels and other items – to the southern Levant, some of which probably reached Tel Burna.

Here a re a few choice photos:

Amit at Vouni - A Persian Palace
Joe at Vouni
View of remains at Enkomi
Debi and Amit at the Sanctuary of Apollo

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