Great Article on Women’s Influence on Archaeology

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Today, in honor of International Women’s Day , Ynet – one of Israel’s Major Newspapers and News websites, published an article by Liat Naeh (an MA student of Archaeology at the Hebrew University) about the women who have influenced archaeology – one way or another – particularly in this neck of the woods.  while the article opens with Lara Croft – Angelina Jolie’s version of Indiana Jones – it continues with what is a list of very important contributors to archaeological research in Israel.  Included are Kathleen Kenyon, Ruth Amiran, and of course Trude Dothan.  Of course, these are the more famous women in the field, although many more women archaeologists have influenced the field and conducted great research!

Quite interesting is that Liat reports that the Princess of Jordan is also a big fan of archaeology, who participated in various archaeological excavations, including the ones conducted in Wadi Feynan, Jordan.

The article is only in Hebrew. Here is the link:,7340,L-4039143,00.html


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