Things are starting to roll for the coming excavations

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Well, the ball has started rolling for both excavation seasons, with lots of planning, work in preparation, and so much excitement!!!!

We have a few large groups and random volunteers for the upcoming spring season, and we have begun receiving forms from volunteers for the summer season – remember, its never too early!!!

For those of you coming for the summer season, it looks like we will be staying at Kibbutz Ha-Lamed Hey.  They have a website (in hebrew only, but you could see some pictures:

From the name of the website, you can see that the location of the kibbutz is along the valley of Elah – the location of the battle of David and Goliath.  there is also a historical event dating to the establishment of the state of Israel, involving 35 fighters in a brigade, trying to make its way to isolated settlements, who were killed.  for more on this story – AMIT can add comments.

Can’t wait to get to Burna!


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