Closing up shop

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Today was our last official day in the field.  We spent the day taking final pictures, sweeping for pictures, washing pottery, helping J draw the architectural features, and scouting around for other areas of the site to excavate.  We will post a more complete summary of the season in the next few days, with some more detailed pictures, but we just wanted to share a few more pictures with you and say thanks to all the volunteers who came from near (as close as Kibbutz Beit Near) and far (as far as New Zealand) to work hard at making this season such a great success!!!!  We also want to thank Dudi and Tali from Kibbutz Beit Nir, who gave us a home, which served as our base camp, and help us with the tools and anything we asked for.

On Tuesday we will back at the site, taking aerial pictures.  Watch out for those – we’ll post some.

Here is Sandy cleaning out one of the four pits/silos we discovered this season.

The moon over the tel (quite poetic, as night falls on the first season 🙂

And here are some of the volunteers enjoying themselves


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