Day 8 – Pittsburgh

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Yes I know, its an old joke, but thats what it felt like today at Burna.  With the days coming to an end, and getting ready to close things up (doesn’t it seem like we just started?), we were in cleaning mode.  most of what we did today was sweep, straighten and  try to define certain elements that weren’t clear.  that didn’t stop Seth, working with Debi, for defining another pit:

then Ido, Sandy, Tirtza and Michal joined the fun, and found one in their square.  this one cuts the wall, meaning it must be later then the wall.

That means that if the pit gates to the 7th Century, the wall must predate it and is certainly an Iron Age feature!

Here are a row of shots of the squares, as requested by some of the team, so that they can see how their hard work has paid off – way to go guys!


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