Closing up the first week

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Thursday we closed off the first week with a bang!.

First of all, the weather was beautiful – nice and cool.

Amit’s friends Yehudah and Yossi came to visit and brought with them many treats including cookies and watermelon.

Aren Maeir ad Louise Hitchcock came for a visit and were quite impressed with what we found so far.

And on their way out they caught a glimpse of a whole smashed vessel that Chris and Mindy had discovered.  They were very familiar with this type of vessel, since they have the same vessels at Tell es-Safi/Gath!

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to some of the team – thanks to David Mescheloff and Eitan for all their hard work!

Yehudah and the watermelon.

Mindy cleaning off the Iron Age II krater

Chris sweeping acrobatically…

The pieces of the whole krater,

And Ido looking good after a great first week!

Hope next week is just as great!


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