Tel Burna – The Windy City

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Today, with the heat wave still going strong, the winds on the site went wild and made digging very difficult.  this was quite upsetting since we had our biggest team out there today.  in the end we managed for most of the day, but closed up an hour early….

however, we didn’t waste time, and headed back to the Kibbutz for pottery washing and reading.  one of our team – Yael, who came for the day – found a sherd with parts of two letters (possibly one being a Yud).  We hope this is thee first of many, and thank Yael for her attentiveness.  Here are some shots for the day.  there is also a short movie on Mindy’s blog, to give you the feeling of what it was like in the wind today.

Seth and Anthony getting a bit dirty,

Debi telling Ari about the pottery he washed.

Happy campers washing pottery.

A slew of workers in Amit’s square

one of the younger members of today’s team.

Itzick and Joe reading pottery.

Itzick explains about our work and some background on the site.

Mindy and Seth trying to hold up the tent.

Another young member of today’s team.

The letters written in ink on the sherd.

Thanks to Yoram, Mindy and Amit for the pictures


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