One week in and we are ready for the next

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On Thursday we completed our first week of work. the day was filled with various activities, including more cleaning of the thorns, setting up our grid of squares with J (the team’s surveyor/architect/draftsman), and marking the squares for Sunday when we will begin working int he squares. here are some shots of what we were doing:

Here is Shawn helping J mark the grid, using the reflector of the Total Station.

Here is J taking readings for the grid with his Total Station

Here are Joel, Joel and Shawn marking the squares.

And here is one more agricultural installation – picture courtesy of Shawn French (thanks Shawn!)

Later in the day, we were told that our license was finalized and we could begin on Sunday as planned! I went out to celebrate with 45000 other people, including my wife, cousins and Elton John.

All in all, it was quite a productive first week of work, and we hope that next week will continue on this path.


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