Three weeks till the ground breaking ceremony

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With only three weeks until the ground breaking ceremony on June 13th, we are in the midst of finalizing all of the preparations for the dig this year – the first one ever at Tel Burna!!!!
Just to fill you in on what we plan on doing this season – well we have set out three main aims:
1. We will be excavating a series of squares on the summit, near the fortifications, in order to try and date the feature (our survey tells us its Iron Age II, but this needs to be finalized through excavation). We will also hopefully get an idea of the stratigraphy of the site, by excavating along the slope.
2. Cleaning out agricultural installations: there are many installations carved out into the rock at the site. while we documented most of them last summer in the survey, this year we want to actually clean them, draw them and map them using a GPS, so that we can get an idea of their function and distribution on the site.
3. Shovel Pit Survey: this is another type of survey method and we ant to compare it to the surface survey results we had, in order to find the best way for surveying tells in the future.

Just to remind you, we will be digging for three weeks from June 13th, so even if you haven’t signed up, but you happen to find yourself in Israel, and would like to take part – please contact us!


2 thoughts on “Three weeks till the ground breaking ceremony

    ido said:
    June 16, 2010 at 1:33 pm


    Just heard and excited to hear the good news of starting Burna excavation.
    What is the purpose for it? is it just to explore another town of the iron age?, is it to establish the identification of Burnat with the biblical town Livne? or beyond it?

    ginton ido
    kibbutz beit-nir

    joeuziel responded:
    June 16, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Ido, its a little bit of everything and more. the identification with Libnah (or any other known site) will surely be helped by our excavations, and exploring another Iron Age Shephelah City is always nice. But really we have some major research goals, like addressing the way in which the ancient border between Philistia and Judah acted, developing survey methodology, and studying the interaction of close sites over time.
    Please come visit us (or even better, join us) – you are only a two minute drive.

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