The Iron Age I at Tel Burna

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I know its been a while – but I just had twins, and its keeping my hands full!

Returning to our series of earlier posts, its time to discuss the Iron Age I at Tel Burna.  The Iron Age I, for those of you who don’t know, is the period that is approximately between 1200-1000 BCE, and marks the arrival of the Philistines, and the development of the Israelite Tribes.  During this period, Tel Bruna is not very large, with a settlement of about 2 hectares.

That said, a few important finds were collected in the survey.  One of the most interesting is the collection of Philistine pottery. While it seems that Tel Burna was on the Judean side of the border, the presence of Philistine pottery at the site indicates that the people living at Tel Burna interacted with their Philistine neighbors.  this is an indication that research needs to rethink how borders worked in the past – these were not like modern borders.  this is one of our main research goals at Tel Burna.


2 thoughts on “The Iron Age I at Tel Burna

    Avi Woolf said:
    May 11, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    So…when will we hear about the findings from the Iron Age IIA (10th-9th centuries) and beyond?

    BTW, just as an aside, even “modern borders” are not impermeable culturally in many places – think even the interaction between Arabs across the “Green Line”. You guys are right to go against the anachronism of seeing ancient borders in light of rigid and exact “lines in the sand” nowadays. I look forward to seeing what you find.

      joeuziel responded:
      June 3, 2010 at 1:21 pm

      Hi Avi,

      sorry this took a while, but now you can read up on the Iron Age II – our last segment on the survey!

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