Itzick’s Impressions from the ASOR-SBL meetings

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Itzick presented two lectures on the survey at the ASOR and SBL annual meetings in New Orleans. He received positive feedback from those who attended, and hopefully helped in the effort of gathering people for the dig. A few colleagues expressed interest in joining the team.

The meetings, as usual, included many interesting lectures, and were quite thought provoking. in the coming weeks, we will be presenting the survey finds here on the blog – so stay tuned!!


One thought on “Itzick’s Impressions from the ASOR-SBL meetings

    Matt Suriano said:
    January 25, 2010 at 3:55 am

    Itzick’s SBL presentation in the session “Hebrew Bible, History, and Archaeology” was very interesting and informative. I had not realized that the extent of the tell went beyond the road. I’m looking forward to future conference papers by the excavators (Itzick and Joe) as they continue their work at this fascinating site.

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