A Nice View of the Tel

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Tell Burnat - Fields in spring timeOn the right, there is a beuatiful picture of Tel Burna and the surrounding fields in the spring.  The picture was taken, and sent to us by Dr. Brian Schultz of Fresno Pacific University.  The Tell is located on the far left.  Besides showing the beautiful green fields around the site, the picture really displays the importance of the region for agriculturally-based societies, and the control that those up on the tell would have on the surrounding fields.  Also notable is the river bed of Nahal Guvrin.  Just south of the tel is a pumping station for the Israeli Water Works, however, even with the pumping, it seems like the natural water table in riverbed is still very high, as observed by the vegetation growing there.  As many of you know, water is one of the most crucial resources in the Ancient Near East (and even in modern times), and the proximity of the river was certainly important in choosing the site in the Bronze and Iron Age.

Anyone who has photos of the site and would like to share them, please email them to us, and we will gladly post them.

One thought on “A Nice View of the Tel

    Sean Williams said:
    October 27, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Beautiful photo, wish I was out there instead of London! We’d love to cover this excavation at Heritage Key – if you want to send me information, and if you want me to link to this site from ours, drop me some info and I can write up a news piece!

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